Friday, March 08, 2013

birthday doodle

When i first saw this, I thought Google did a doodle in conjunction with International Women's Day.

So I excitedly share the link with my colleagues, asking them to celebrate Women's Day together. When I opened another browser with the same URL, I was a little puzzled it didn't appear there.

That's when I realised, my Mozilla browser was opened with my Google login, and somehow I had set my birthday in the profile. Upon mouseover only did I realise the doodle was for me. ME! Kinda neat eh?


neil said...

Totally neat! =)

au said...

snoflek! happy belated birthday! looks like you settled in and enjoying life there. good luck with things there :)

§nóflèk said...

neil : yup, i should try to follow this every year and see if they update the doodles!

au : thanks dear :) well, there are many familiar things, and still there are surprises that i continue to marvel at. watch out for my next post ;)