Thursday, March 28, 2013

spring party cum birthday celebration

I had in mind to invite the ladies on our team over for a little housewarming party. My place is so tiny I have to be mindful not only what furniture I buy, but also the number of people who can visit me.

The initial idea was mooted sometime last year when I had gotten most of the basic furniture. Still, I felt relieved a suitable schedule could not be fixed - I still didn't have a proper table for eating, and had my stacks of boxes taking up space.

So we postponed it to this year, with the tentative date early March. I had quietly hoped they would forget about it, because I still did not have my coffee table, and the boxes are still there. With all the travels, I did not have the time to catch up with these.

In the end, I decided to organise it anyway. I called it my belated housewarming, beginning of spring, and birthday party, all rolled into one!

I decided to introduce some Malaysian dishes. Made this Nyonya vegetarian curry, which turned out surprisingly nice! My first time making it, so was pleased with it. Well, not too difficult I suppose with the instant mix - just need to add the ladies fingers, brinjal, tomato, cabbage, fried bean curd and potatoes.

I also made my specialty grilled chicken wings with the oven (forgot to take picture!), and also some bulls-eye with soy sauce onion gravy. It doesn't look quite like the one I usually eat back in Malaysia, but no one will know anyway >.<

They presented me a bouquet of flowers! How lovely, they thought I love colours, so chose something really bright and cheery. I still have it on my study table, though most have wilted. The carnations surprisingly have lasted well after 3 weeks! The first week was pleasant as I came home to a naturally scented room.

They also bought a birthday cake - really delicious. Was layered with plenty of cocoa powder that we ended up coughing with the first few bites!

Since I didn't have a table, they were okay with eating on the floor. We called it Japanese style! I said it's like having an indoor picnic. We ate these with rice, salad and some naan too. I'm glad they enjoyed the food.

Some gifts - Waka said she was having too much fun shopping for various little gifts for me. It's interesting what people think you like just by observing you - and they express that through gifts.

The Japanese usually start a meal/party with drinks. And I meant the alcoholic kind. We finished the white and cherry blossom even before the dinner. The pink one had real cherry blossoms floating in it - I got to eat both of them! They got me the Tiger beer, thinking I must be missing something close to home >.<

I have yet to drink it - I don't even have a bottle opener!


classyadele said...

I missed your bday, Sarah san...sowwieeeee... :-(
I'm sure you had a great time.. hugs xo

§nóflèk said...

classyadele : thanks for the wishes dear :) you can come celebrate next year hehe