Sunday, April 28, 2013

the rain that brought memories

The smell of rain reminds me of home. My olfactory sense maps the smell of a rainy day to the tropics, and in that sense, the scent of South East Asia.

There is a certain feeling of moist in countries where humidity levels are high, which could be a good or bad thing. So when it had rained the whole day Wednesday, I could feel it on my skin. It was quite a nostalgic feeling.

I didn't realise until I felt a little homesick!

As I enjoyed the humidity, I could almost imagine frogs croaking. Just as it would after a heavy rain.

Here, it wasn't a tropical thunderstorm, but relatively light rain throughout the day. The train windows got fogged up, which doesn't happen too often.

I walked off thanking God for the rain. It's true that the sense of smell is tied to memories.

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