Tuesday, April 30, 2013

baby star

Apparently this is one of the top 10 snacks (or you could call it junk food!) in Japan.

Translated into "English", it's called Baby Star. You can read a bit more about the snack by a Japanese snack reviewer here!

Anyways, I've started stashing snacks in my food larder for 2 reasons :
1) When I get hungry in the middle of the night and need something light to stop the growling (there's no mamak!)
2) In case some natural disaster happens and I need food (well, I also have instant rice, instant noodles, instant porridge)

Found these fascinating coz they come in a variety of flavours, and look quite cute actually. From the top (left to right) : yakisoba, chicken ramen, delicious salty ramen, and miso ramen.

They are actually dried ramen in mini sizes.

Maybe Baby Star to the Japanese is what Mamee is to us. Cheap, quite tasty, temporarily filling, but not healthy! >.<

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