Wednesday, June 26, 2013

cod, potato and spring onion stew

Following my first experience with Jamie Oliver's recipe, I decided to try another one. Even though I didn't follow his Baked Lamb Shank accurately, it still turned out really lovely! I can still imagine the taste and texture in my mouth now even though it has been years since.

Living in a country that is abundant with fresh seafood, fishes such as salmon and cod are really reasonably priced. Of course, there are many grades and varieties, but still they can be cheaper than meat and even vegetables.

I've almost always baked my salmon and cod; and I've gotten quite bored of this method of cooking. Lately I have been craving for some Malaysian food, and one that came to mind was the famous seafood porridge that was famous in PJ New Town.

I thought, Jamie Oliver surely would have a similar recipe. Or at least a way to cook cod without having to grill or bake it. I was happy to find his Cod, Potato and Spring Onion Stew recipe. Of course I don't have all the ingredients listed, but I can make do.

I did a quick fry of chopped onions and spring onions in the pot, using olive oil. (Please note that I would never have imagined myself actually eating both onions and spring onions just a few years back!)

After these have turned fragrant, I added cubed potatoes into the mix. I'm supposed to add another ingredient called courgette but I have no idea what it is, just that it looks a bit like cucumber.

Then add some ikan bilis. I'm sure his ingredient called for anchovies is different from what I put here. After this step, I'm supposed to add some white wine, but I had forgotten to get some.

I skipped to the step to add in milk and organic stock. I improvised by using Knorr's chicken cube which could have resulted in similar taste.

Then added the cod itself and continued stirring for a few more minutes to cook it. By this time I was really hungry and couldn't wait to try out the stew.

After adding some some garnishings and sprinkling olive oil and lemon juice, I think it was good to go. It was really yummy I must say, though it felt more like soup than stew (thanks to my improvising the recipe!). And to be honest, it also reminded me of the fish head mihun soup (yue tao mai) that I also love back home. The one with the milky soup and sour vege and tomatos in it. Mmmm, perhaps I could try that next...

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