Monday, June 24, 2013

strawberry "furuuche"

With the weather getting warmer, I somehow have more appetite. Maybe coz I'm not so concerned about trying to keep warm and spend lots of time warming up and getting proper food and heatings.

I thought of trying this really simple dessert called フルーチェ. It sounds a bit french as the pronunciation is "furuuche". Since the strawberry season would be ending soon, I thought it was a good opportunity. Sweet luscious strawberries are hard to get in Malaysia, so might as well!

All you need to do is pour the gelatin like mix into a bowl. It already has bits of strawberry in it.
(There are other flavours too, depending on which you fancy).

After pouring in about half a cup of milk, make sure to stir it evenly.

It should reach a consistency of light yoghurt (or very thick lassi), mix evenly. You can decorate it with fresh strawberries.

Since we had Bible Study at Christina's place that evening, I brought it over for dessert. They loved the フルーチェ!

Oh we had watermelon too. It's another typical summer fruit. But it's so expensive to eat watermelon in Japan. A small sized on like what we had cost around JPY400! A normal sized (like football size) could go up to a few thousand JPY >.<

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