Monday, July 08, 2013

I AMsterdam p2 postcard

My initial plan for the May trip to Amsterdam was to visit the world's largest flower garden (imagine tonnes of tulips!) at Keukenhof. Unfortunately, it seemed that the weather was just not right. It was wet and raining (almost) the whole time I was there.

So instead Niels brought me around to the Hague (he was going to get his visa sorted out) and Zaanse Schans to look at some windmills. It's a bit out of the way being in the North of Holland, so the train trip allowed some views of the countryside.

I had somehow developed some infection near my mouth, which I initially thought was due to dry weather. I still tried to enjoy the trip out despite the discomfort. Even after slapping lots of vitamin E cream, it still didn't get any better. That's why if you see my other pictures, I have an awkward smile >.<

* Retro photo blend thanks to Ms Barbie

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