Friday, July 05, 2013

onion sprouts

I got my gardening itch recently. Felt like the apartment lacked something as my winter plants and spring bouquet had all... erm... passed away :D

It was a joy waking up to greenery near the balcony and to see if there were any changes to them. As the weather got warmer, the flora slowly shriveled and all that was left were clumps of dried plants. I felt so bad for they were all gifts.

I read somewhere that it's quite normal as these plants usually dry up and go into hibernation during warmer months, but would somehow flower again when autumn comes.

So I had this half eaten onion sitting in the fridge. Since I hardly use onion in my dishes, I actually used it many rounds, and still was not able to completely finish it!

One day I realised it had started growing sprouts. Usually I'd just throw it away because I hear these sprouts could be poisonous, similar to those of potatoes.

I had a pot from last year which wasn't able to grow the herb seeds I had initially planted. So I recycled it and stuck the onion sprout inside.

Since it's already summer, it was good to leave it outside the balcony. I guess onions need more sun and water than winter plants. After about 4 days, it had grown to be about 10cm tall. It was exciting to see it change from the 1st picture, as I was too busy to even look at the plant properly after work.

After a few more days (about a week after I planted the onion), it had grown to about 15cm tall from the base of the pot.

I'm not sure how long more I should keep growing it, or when I can harvest this. In fact, I don't even know what to call this - chives? spring onions?? onion sprouts???

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