Monday, September 02, 2013

another gigi story

Continuing on my medical-related posts, thought I'd just share this one last one. Promise it won't be as gross as white poop!

One of the additional test I opted after the medical check was a dental check. Paying only JPY500, I didn't think too much about it, except that I was already due for scaling.

It was quite an interesting experience as the dentist (seemed more like an intern from the way she handled the equipment!) asked me to bite on to a syringe-like apparatus for a few minutes. Later when she came back with the results I found out that the syringe actually collected the "gas" in my mouth. Not understanding too much of dental terms in Japanese, I only understood the part about 3 different types of gas being present!

I made another appointment to do my scaling after that.

Looking at my personal experience with dentists here, here is what I gather :
1) It's quite normal to take dental x-rays - I've never had to do it in Malaysia, except when I went back to do my crown
2) Even though the original appointment is for scaling, everything else will be additional charge - my usual dentist in USJ only charged me RM150 for scaling, even though we spent half an hour talking about teeth and life. Here I got charged what seemed like registration, admin, consultation and whatever else, making a grand total of JPY10,000+!
3) Brushing technique is rather different here, hence the shape, size and texture of toothbrush too. Seems to be more focused than flossing, which was the advice of my regular dentist.

Takeaway from this particular visit :
1) I should have gone to dental school instead
2) Brushing gently but longer, rather than vigorously even if I'm in a hurry

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