Friday, March 10, 2006

shi-gatsu ni nihon e ikimasu!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the moment you've been waiting for :

final confirmation

Did I tell you this letter came in on my birthday? Well, it did, and I must say this must be one of the bestest birthday gift ever! Words can't describe how I feel and it can only be from God.

I have loads to update you guys, coz that was not the only thing that happened on my birthday. However, since I only have a few weeks left before I fly off, a million things are running through my mind. My apologies if I somehow have not been able to answer your calls.

Just submitted my resignation letter, you should've seen the look on my boss' face. Well, there's no turning back now. I'm just hoping that the management is agreeable to this, if not I will have to pay them back. Gosh, that will be 2 months of my salary.

Anyways, I just wanna thank you to those who've sent lovely wishes and gifts for my birthday. I really did want to reply and tell you about this good news, but I just wasn't prepared to answer everyone at one go.

There's still many things to settle. So many things I have to do, so many things I have to buy, so many people to say goodbye to. I can't even begin to list them all down. I'll try to update you guys as and when I can. In the meantime, thanks for sharing my joy :)

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