Sunday, December 09, 2007

the little housewarming that happened

Just survived my 1st (did I mean to say there are more to come?! I'm already tired from this!) housewarming party here. Was a little hesitant to do it coz I've never had any experience even back in Malaysia, but I was quite excited about my new place. Besides, some friends who had only heard about it were curious to see my room. And they asked when I would be having my housewarming.

I've only lived here slightly over a month, so there were some things which could have been arranged better, since I still have not decided how I would like my room to look like. There are some cupboards and shelves, but they're quite different from what I used to have in the dorm, so I needed to see how I could put them properly and still be able to retrieve them in the best way possible.

But anyways, I was choosing between this Saturday and the next since I would be going home for Christmas after that (yay for me!). And it would be good to meet up before the year ends, so I started messaging my friends asking them when they would be available. Since most people would be around on the 8th, I decided quite last minute to have it this weekend instead.

I was already quite tired this week because we started work in the new office, so there was the daily commute and longer hours put in. So I thought the 15th would be a better choice. But since I've already decided that 8th would be it, I made sporadic plans in between commutes and made a mental list of what to cook and who to invite. I would have wanted to invite more people but space is so limited so maybe I will spread out and do a few groups over different weekends.

To maximise the number of people I could invite but still maintain sizeable portions of food to feed them, I decided tea-time would be the best since people would have eaten lunch, and they wouldn't be expecting an 8-course meal a feast from me. So I made butter rice, curry chicken, black pepper chicken wings and salad. Doesn't sound like teatime fare but the portions were!

All in all, we were 9 including the landlord and my Chinese housemate. The food was kindly sponsored by Watanabe-san, who seemed to enjoy the company of my friends. My darling guests brought snacks, drinks and dessert and we thoroughly had fun catching up and I was just glad everything went so well. The effort was well worth it, and I hope we can chill out more at my place next time. They also liked my room a lot! BTW, I was too busy having fun to take pictures, but these are the ones taken earlier.

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