Saturday, December 15, 2007

not so fast!

I remembered that I was supposed to have another housewarming party when last night, while talking to the landlord, he asked "Are you going to have another party this weekend?"

He must either have liked the food so much, or enjoyed the company of my friends, or have nothing else to look forward but parties like these :p

I wished I could make parties after parties and invite friends over but the last one left me quite tired already! And also, I have to think of new menus so that my housemates won't think I only know how to cook 3 dishes (make that 2 since the 3rd was salad).

But I'm also reminded that housewarming parties are not to show off cooking skills, but to invite people to share in the joy and warmth of your new place. So I guess he will have to wait till next year :D

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