Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i don't wanna sound like i'm complaining but...

Things were getting horrible recently with work. Everyone I talked to suggested that I should talk to my boss about it. It wasn't merely about increasing workload. I normally don't complain if it's just one issue. Something like workload is understandable, even if I'm already doing OT more often than not. Friends who have reached a similar level have shared their experience of working long hours, not getting paid for OT or replacement leave, and having to waste spend time checking others' work.

Anyways, I did think of talking to the boss whom I have told everyone about. That he was nice and sweet and considerate. But to be fair to him, with the new office and an expanding staff, and many new projects pouring in, it must be difficult and stressful as well. Perhaps that is why he has become, for lack of better word, more demanding and also, I may be wrong, micro-managing to a certain extent.

But, it has been my "policy" not to talk about work here. Much less divulge what goes on in the company. I was planning to have an open conversation with him sometime soon. Before things get worse. I don't think I will do this, but I don't want it to reach a point where I feel so unfairly mistreated that I will just give up and drop everything.

I do understand that I'm more needed than ever at this point, especially when I'm handling key projects and liaising with some difficult clients. This is something I quite enjoy, because it's also a challenge I know I can learn much from. But to be able to perform as well as I know I could, there are certain things I think I'm entitled to have. I'm not talking about being paid OT or having days off. There are just some essential things which I do not have yet, and which are hindering my performance at work.

I just pray that I'll have the wisdom to know when to bring these up, and say the right things. As disgruntled I am, I have to bear with it a little more, and give my best and wait till the right timing. And also for the boss to be in the right mood to listen to what I have to say. It's not going to be ugly, but some things have to be said.

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