Friday, March 07, 2008

today in history

Today is a special day because of many reasons.

Every woman in the world deserves this bunch of roses because it's International Women's Day. Because you're a woman, you deserve this and much much more. I'm sharing this with you because I got this from a dear friend of mine who also messaged to wish me happy birthday.

Of course, my birthday is also another the only reason why today is special ne! I also want a bouquet of flowers :D Which reminds me, I still haven't figured out who gave me that lovely bunch of lilies 2 years ago at my office!

But also more important for the 27 million Malaysians, today is the day we go to the polls. Winds of change are blowing all across the nation, and I can only look from a distance and wish I could send in my votes. Just like my peers who are back home, I too hope for a better future for my homeland, so that I will have more reasons to go back one day.

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