Tuesday, May 06, 2008

hair treatment

Today was my first time having a haircut here in Tokyo, I must say even though it was a pinch to the purse it was still quite a pampering experience. Through this, some impressions were formed, while some were already thoughts that came to mind some time back, but were confirmed through this particular experience:

1) The Japanese are first class in service! Ever so polite and making sure that you're comfortable and that your wants needs are being met.
2) Japanese guys can be very beauty conscious too, more so than me in some cases.
3) What seems like the "just-woken-up" look actually takes hours to style. With much help from the hair dryer (and/or hair gel and/or hair mousse and/or hair spray and/or hair wax).
4) Guys are more gentle when it comes to washing the hair (I've had this lady back in Subang literally sinking her manicured nails into my scalp while scrubbing my head).
5) Perhaps like in the culinary world, guys excel better than ladies in the hair grooming industry too

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