Wednesday, April 30, 2008

april showers

I just sent the last of my guests for the month off at the airport halfway to the airport. It has been a whirlwind of activities, one after another and I must say I'm quite tired from playing host for the whole month. This month in particular have been quite special since I have more Malaysian guests, and they stay longer compared to the previous ones.

Entrance to Museum Ghibli, a quirky house of anime wonders!

Along the way I got to know a little more about Tokyo, and went to those places I knew were there but didn't hold that much interest to me previously. Like the Inokashira Park near the Kichijouji station. I was there last autumn enjoying Studio Ghibli, but didn't think that the park next to it would be such a delight to walk in. The timing was so right when Prof Komiya happened to be in Tokyo, so I invited Leon along to catch up with him. So Prof & his wife were showing us the Park, apparently where they had many dates together many many years ago! Unfortunately no pix here since I was busy enjoying the cool breeze and greens.

View from Mori Tower on a cloudy Summer day, Tokyo Tower in the distance

And then there was the Metropolitan Government Building which was a walking distance from the Shinjuku station. Apparently one of the must-see in this area, as it's considered one of the best look-outs in Tokyo other than Tokyo Tower. Apparently on clear days you can even see Mount Fuji. 2 summers ago, I had my own experience at Roppongi Hills Mori Tower where I still got a pretty good view of the city. It wasn't as tall as the Metropolitan Buildings or Tokyo Tower, but to me once is enough. How different can a view from the top be? Everything looks so small and tiny and you can only make out few of the more prominent buildings!

So anyways, since as I was on a social spree this month, I had to end it surrounded by friends too. Having little sleep the night before, and having to wake up earlier than usual to send off my last guest, I knew that if I went back to sleep I would just waste off the whole day (which coincidentally was a public holiday). So I did groceries and invited my uni friend for lunch. We caught up a bit over curry chicken and potato. Then came along Yuri, and we had a bit of heart to heart and she stayed back for dinner, so I made grilled salmon for her.

In between I managed to do a bit of house chores, laundry and ironing. Not a bad way to end the month - tiring but really productive. Now, if only I can carry this momentum over to the month of May as well!

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