Monday, August 04, 2008

sauna in summer

I knew it, I was gonna wake up all sore and walking like an obaachan* today. Nevermind that I did my stretches and warm up before the game. Nevermind that I went for skiing and snowboarding during winter. Nevermind that I started doing some cycling during weekends and even after work.

But having NOT played badminton for a year has rendered my muscles useless stiff. It's a good reminder to exercise regularly even if it's just doing weights in my room or jogging around the neighbourhood.

So Eric picked me up at the station and we took quite a long walk under the late morning sun to his campus. Now being midsummer, I had conveniently forgot to bring a hat as I didn't expect it to be a long walk. But I did remember to slap on lots of sunblock on my arms & face before leaving. By the time we reached RIKEN, I was already sweating buckets. Summer in Japan is characterised by its heat and humidity.

Now, the Japanese will invariably make this statement :

You're from Malaysia. A tropical country. Surely you must be used to this kind of weather!

To which, I explain :

Ya, but from where I come from, there's this thing called the car. And it comes equipped with air-conditioning. We don't walk everywhere like the Japanese do (for better or worse!) Plus, it's more humid over here.

And that usually shuts them up clears whatever question they have about us not being able to stand the heat.

So anyways, we reached the lab-converted-into-badminton-court in Riken and found it to be as stuffy as a sauna. The only thing I wanted to do then was to jump into a swimming pool! Or get someone to pour a bucket of ice water over me. But since I had taken the trouble to visit them there, I joined Eric, Nicole, Loh, Eugene & Carol in some friendlies.

Sweating felt good. Sweating because you played sports felt even better. Sweating because you had fun while playing sports is much betterer!

Nicole pitied me because I had to go so far just to play badminton with them. But I told her to invite me for the next games. Nevermind that I'm sore like an obaachan now. I just need to get myself on the massage chair and I'll be up in no time for the next match!

* obaachan (お婆ちゃん, お祖母ちゃん) - granny, grandmother, old lady, female senior citizen

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