Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sketched by a spanish

My Spanish housemate is hosting her 2nd guest this time. She did tell me beforehand that Damián Molla is quite famous in Spain and is apparently multi-talented. This must be true, because there are videos of him in Youtube. This looks like it was made by one of his fans. Embedding was disabled, but click and you get the idea.

He's also a talk host for a Spanish entertainment show, El Hormiguero. Translated as "The Anthill", this programme is broadcasted with a live audience touching on topics such as comedy, science and politics. This is taken from one of their segments, "El Kiosco", in which they show parodies of other media (He's the one in maroon vest). So popular has this show become that their weekly 120-minute show has now expanded into daily 40-minute shows.

Apparently, he's also a singer in his own band. Even though he seems to be gifted in the arts, I was still quite surprised he could also draw. Not just any drawing, but caricature. So while the housemates and I were catching up in the dining room the last weekend, he suddenly had this inspiration to draw.

A caricature.

Of me.

He admitted that it was difficult for him because I was the first Asian he had to draw. He was used to sketching European faces so it was easy for him to pick out an outstanding feature and have one done in just 5 minutes. To him, our eyes, our nose, our mouth, even our hair are all so different from what he's familiar with!

Nevertheless, he still managed to accomplish the task in a relatively short period of time. I've never had a caricature of myself drawn, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I must say it was impressive. At first glance, I thought it looked more like an angel against a sunny background rather than a kimono grrl with the old Japanese flag behind. To give a finishing touch, I got him to autograph the drawing so that I can sell it when he becomes more famous! as a keepsake.

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