Friday, September 05, 2008

is something missing here?

I have a dreadful feeling that my life here is getting boring.
Why do you say that? Everyone thinks you're having a ball of a time in Tokyo!

I have no jazz concerts to attend.
C'mon. I've seen posters of international jazz bands performing in Ebisu.
They're too expensive.

I no longer go for broadway shows and musicals.
Oh ya? I thought the Yamanote train was showing an ad on Wicked the other day?
They're in Japanese. It's not the same. By the way, it's not Wicked. It's Wikiddo (ウィキッド). Imagine watching Saturday Night Fever, but it's called Demam Sabtu Malam in Malay. Or Kucing-kucing instead of Cats.

I miss going for dramas and improvs in theatres.
Hmm, you're right... I have not seen promos for that though...

I wanna go for symphonies. Orchestras. Philharmonics. Soak in the classicals and baroques. Immerse in the romantics. Lilt to the melody of suites and sonatinas.
Don't they have 'em in Tokyo?
Lemme google a bit.
Hey, whaddayaknow, they do have some. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. NHK Symphony Orchestra. Not bad.

How about movies?
I don't mind going for that here...
But it's expensive. And they're in Japanese, right?
Well, they have some in English. But who wants to pay Y1800 when you can download using your fibre optics broadband connection borrow from your housemate?
Are you converting again?
I'd rather pay for a ticket to the Phil(harmonic) than a movie.

How about concerts then?
Even in concerts, the Japanese are so... mild! I've never been to one, but I was just watching a telecast of the recent MTV concert, they looked like they were sedated or something.
You know how the Japanese are. They're just being polite.

Maybe this is not about my life being boring.

Maybe I just need to go back to a society which is more "real". Alive. Vibrant. You know what I mean?

I was thinking about this roughly a year ago. It was when I got this job offer and was contemplating between taking it up and living in Tokyo, and pursuing other opportunities in Hong Kong and Singapore.
So this is not about you not being able to fulfill your thirst for affordable musical thrills.

Well, I guess not. But then again, I was just at this concert where my friend was performing. He's the drummer at our church and he really blazes the drums. You should see him! But anyways, so he was performing with his band at this underground concert. That was my first and only time being in a concert here, and I must say I'm really impressed with them. They were mostly Tokyo University students, but they were so so talented!

Which reminds me, there are so many groups and bands performing every weekend at the Yoyogi Park. Knowing how much they've invested into their passion, it really shows when they perform.
The music scene is alive and well in Tokyo.

Yes, indeed.
I can actually get free live shows in Tokyo!
There you go. It's not that bad after all.

Ya, you're right. It was good talking to you!
No worries.

I am, after all, your alter-ego. Just gimme a buzz whenever you feel like hashing things out.

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