Saturday, September 13, 2008

manners in the subway

In their effort to promote "manners" in the train, the Metro has been displaying large posters in yellow at their subway stations. When I first saw them, I thought it was just a one-off ad and didn't give much thought to it. Nevertheless, the photog in me captured it just because I found it entertaining. Then they started to have different ones after every few weeks and I've been "collecting" them when I have my camera with me.

The first poster came out in May this year and caught commuters' attention due to its eye-catching yet simple illustration. The fact that it was actually happening in the trains everyday made it the more amusing. If I stay in the train long enough, I bet I'll be able to learn a makeup tip or two from these grrls.

(Caption : Please refrain from putting on make-up in the train)

The second poster in June was not as funny as the earlier one because most Japanese are polite enough to not talk on the phone while in the train. But more mind-boggling is the fact that they are more tolerant towards people who talk to each other on the train as opposed to people who talk on the phone.

(Caption : Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and refrain from making calls)

I guess the one in July was directed towards youngsters who are generous enough to share the music they're listening to with the rest of the commuters on the train. Even though they're so magnanimous, they should also be careful that the music blasting out of their headphones do not destroy their eardrums.

(Caption : Please be careful of noise leaking from your headphones in the train)

Come August, the Japanese flock to the beach for their favourite summertime activity. Be it showing off their skinny bodies, well-tanned skin, latest bikini or water-proof make up, summer is the only time they're able to do all these. For the guys, perhaps swimming can only be done in summer, unfortunately. So much so that they try to practice it anywhere they can so they won't forget how to swim.

(Caption : Please do not rush into the train as it is dangerous)

Summertime is also the best time to climb mountains, of which the most famous is Mt Fuji. It can still get pretty freezing cold even during summer, but at least there's no snow like during the other months. For September, the illustration of a tired sweaty climber with his gears and belongings was highlighted.

(Caption : Please be considerate of others when holding bulky belongings)

Trivia : There is a recurring element in all the posters above. What is it?

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