Wednesday, May 13, 2009

happy belated gk

dear ghost_kwai,

remember i told you that i found someone who reminded me very much of you?

it dawned upon me one day when i thought of what to do for your birthday. :)

so anyways, you would have seen her pic on my blog before. but let me elaborate on the similarities that both of you share:

1) she's doing karate at her uni. i remembered you were very disciplined in it back in uni too! that makes both of you strong with your arms.

2) i've never seen her in skirts and grrly stuff. you were most comfortable in t-shirt and jeans too, even now!

3) she's the eldest with 2 other siblings. you've always been called our tai kar chieh, and of course eldest in your family too. so having you around felt like having a big sister in the house.

4) in that sense, you were both also very reliable and dependable.

5) she wears glasses. so do you. i guess both of you are quite the bookworms eh?

6) i don't know why, but i have this image of you with a fiction novel in your hand, lying on that mattress in your room in 7d4 on a balmy afternoon. she buys books that are worth investing in, and have her own cupboard of books in the room.

7) she used to play so much sports back in uni that she played more than she studied. you've been my adventure partner back then, and always up for anything sporty and outdoor-ish. remember our rollerblading rendezvous through the lecture halls? :D

8) she's chinese-ed. you were the only chinese-ed housemate and the only person i could practice speaking mandarin with, even if mine was so broken no one would believe i'm supposed to be chinese.

9) and yes, she's my current housemate. and you've been mine for almost a year ya.

10) you guys may also be alike in your personalities and other interests too!


p.s. : this post was meant to be for your birthday, sorry it's a bit late ne. m(_ _)m

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