Wednesday, May 20, 2009

miki maus in the haus

Mickey Mouse #1

Got this cute li'l cactus for my birthday. So cute in its packaging that I left it like that for weeks (^.~) It was supposed to be rabbit-shaped but the first thought that came to mind was mickey mouse. Skinny mickey, that is.

Finally, when I decided that it's been kept long enough in the box that I took it out for some watering.

At first I wondered if it was even real because when I shook removed it out from the original wrapping, the granules in the pot did not move. So I took the plant out and turned it upside down. The granules or some special soil were still intact, leaving me wondering what was beneath that top layer.

Well, I guess the plant itself must be real since the little babies starting growing on top of its ears. Now skinny mickey share the same space and sunlight as my 3 other cacti.

Mickey Mouse #2

My baker housemate loves to bake. Even though we don't have a proper baking oven, she has still managed to make do somehow to produce some very edible yummies. Her first attempt at cheesecake did not turn out too well because the oven was too small and the filling rose up to the ceiling of the oven.

Her 2nd attempt came out nicely even though it looked burnt on the top. The inside was very moist and soft though.

The extras which were filled into aluminum bake cups, turned out to be dryer instead. But I kinda liked this more, since it had a rather crisp crust and the right texture.

I don't mind being her guinea pig in her attempt to practice and perfect more of her baking recipes. Who knows, I might be inspired to pick up the whisk and spatula myself.

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