Saturday, May 23, 2009

my bedside flowers

In addition to the prickly trio and skinny mickey, I bagged myself a pot of plant of a different variety.

During Mothers' Day at ICA church, they were giving out these flowers to moms as an appreciation of their love and gesture of respect. The initial plan was to have afternoon tea after the morning service with the mothers. However, since they ran out of time, the flowers came with a sachet of tea bag.

At our GAP evening service, since the majority were college students and young working adults, there happened to have extra pots of flowers after the service. So the Pastor asked us if we would like to have one. She did say, "For all you mothers-to-be, please help yourself to the flowers". Mother-to-be or not, even Matthew went up to get himself one!

Now I could finally have some flowers of my own, I thought. I went to the shopping street near our house to get a proper pot and base since April told us that the flowers would need to be replanted in a bigger pot.

Even though the "balcony" outside my window is just a piece of railing affixed to the wall, the base managed to fit perfectly into one of the space between the steel rails. I managed to find a spot where it seemed the most sturdy; I wouldn't want the wind to blow away the flowers just because it was not on solid ground.

My bed is on the same level as the flower base, so when I slide open the window just beside the bed, I get to see the lovely flowers. I have been doing that every morning when I wake up, and having such a view of fresh flowers to greet me at the beginning of the day is just bliss.

And yes, that's the air-conditioning unit just beside the flowers, and it's exactly that which I see when I opened my window before.

Flowers (don't know the name) = Gift
Flower Pot = JPY99 + tax
Flower Base = JPY99 + tax
Waking up to fresh flowers in the morning = Priceless

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