Sunday, September 13, 2009


I first took the JLPT 2 exams early December last year, when autumn was coming to an end in Tokyo.

Back then, I knew relatively little about the test and was not as prepared as I should have been. Even though I knew I didn't pass it the first round, on top of nursing a terrible flu, the beautiful weather was like a soothing balm as we exited the exam hall to the beauty of nature waiting for us outside.

I still remember the crisp air and golden leaves of the gingko trees that carpeted the grounds of Taisho University.

The 2nd attempt was in the middle of summer, just before I went on my backpacking tour of Italy and France. This time it was hot and humid, and everything was green and moist.

I even met Abdullah, Anthony and TJ who happened to be taking the exam at the Tokyo University Komaba campus too.

This year they made changes to the schedule of the exam and we were allowed to take it either in July and/or December. In fact, this was only implemented in certain countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

With more time on my hands, I had to make sure I passed the exam this time. Ironically, I improved on the parts which I didn't do so well the previous time, while the section in which I knew I performed well last year was only below average this time!

Anyways, I had already returned to Malaysia by the time the results had come out. Thanks to Imm and Amin, the slip made its way to me and I'm super thrilled to find out that I've passed my JLPT 2 exams!

You cannot imagine how relieved I am; the exam was one of the main reasons I chose to remain in Japan. It was also part of the reason why I decided to fly to Europe, if I hadn't passed the test, I would have felt guilty for that little treat there. It's not JLPT 1, but it's something that I can now put on my resume.

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