Saturday, September 05, 2009


Almost immediately after sending Yuri and Geoff off at KLIA, after a series of unexpected events, I found myself whisked off away to a weekend camp at Rompin.

Growing up in church, I kinda knew what church camps would be like.

But for some reason, I felt I should go for this one. It's been years since I went for a proper one. In fact, the last one was in Niigata just before I left to do my Masters in Urasa. And that was because I wanted to spend more time with the Niigata church family.

Just days before the "24" camp, Ps Julie had a vision of Jesus visiting her. She hadn't had this for many many years, the last was when she was paralysed in the hospital bed and felt like giving up. Jesus told her this camp was about finding rest in Him.

Rest, restoration and refreshing.

She immediately asked the committee to scrap off all the programmes and activities, and to slot in ample time for spending with God.

Since I've already wanted to do that (and to catch up on sleep after a whole week of hosting), I didn't think I needed to drive 4 hours away just to do the same, and to have to pay for it too.

But I knew if I had stayed at home, I'd be more distracted and would not even get to do that properly. But lacking finances, I was a bit hesitant.

Saturday night, Cindy messaged me and told me not to worry, as it has already been paid for.

Still, there were many other excuses for not going. Clothes still in transit. Clothes in wardrobe not matching the theme (we were to wear colours of the Malaysian flag, in celebration of Merdeka). Short notice (I only found out about the camp at the Saturday service, and the camp was the next day!). Don't know anyone (yes, the church is that big).

However, deep down I knew this would do me good inspite of the above.

So by faith, I went.

It was good being on the sands of the East Coast beaches. Then I realised how much I had missed tropical beaches. Swaying coconut trees, sounds of the crashing waves, the laidbackness of the whole kampung lifestyle.

Lots of prayers and time spent with God. Plenty of 'em. No Internet, no TV, minimal calls/SMS'es. We still had some games on the beach, fish trawling for the adventurous, getting wet in the rain, fun bonding times and worship sessions. We had a schedule, but no one would be penalised if they wanted to have a long breakfast and join in later.

Oh yes, no regrets going away for the long weekend. Me and Jesus, on the beach :)

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