Sunday, December 07, 2008

autumn in our heart(s)

So I survived the test. I know I'll have to retake it next year, but at least I was feeling a lot better than before. Even though I feel so horrible again now! It's as if all the bacteria and virus just came out in full force after being suppressed for the sake of this exam the past few days.

But 2 things to thank God for.

I bumped into Pamela on the way to the test centre. Almost everyone else went with their school mates or someone they knew. Friends I know who were taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test were scattered in various locations in Tokyo and Yokohama.

Don't be fooled by how cheerful I looked. My fever had just subsided but my nose was literally dripping towards the end of the last section. I had to reuse and re-reuse the only tissues I had with me (ok la, this sounds quite gross!).

BUT it was such a beautiful day. A sunny winter afternoon hovering around 9 degrees max.

AND the Taisho University at Nishi Sugamo had this walkway just at the entrance lined with gingko trees. I know, they smell. The fruits. But, the leaves and colours are one of the reasons why autumn is so beautiful here. Esther & Jo told me the colours of fall are usually brown in Australia. (Will put up a related post soon!)

Some of the Chinese students decided to throw up the gingko leaves and pose ala "Autumn In My Heart". Many others were as enthusiastic taking pictures, relief on their faces, clearly lingering in the remnants of autumn.

It was like a well-deserved treat enjoying such beauty in God's creations after a taxing day at the exam hall. And I thought I would never get to see the hues of autumn now that it's officially winter...

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