Thursday, November 26, 2009

2nd week, 6th day report card

I wish all work weeks are like this. Last week I started on a Thursday, this week Friday's a holiday. And yet, it feels like I've already worked for a whole month already.

Having a steep learning curve in a perpetually evolving complex organisation and dealing with various time zones all make what I do very maddening at first.

I thought perhaps it was the adjustment in schedule, or the commuting in a less-than-perfect public transportation system, the traffic crawls, but now I know it's the initial adrenaline rush. I'm so exhausted but in a happy way.

This week I got thrown 2 deadlines on the same day. Since the project has already begun, and we are still trying to lock down on plans, I didn't get to find out about what I had to do (well I knew, but not the specific deadline) until the day before.

I think I thrive on changes and challenges (but not on a constant basis, of course!)

The fun part was completing my part that late evening, then passing them on to the hiring managers in the US and UK to do their parts, and coming in the next morning to find that the deliverables were successfully completed, and getting a happy email from the boss.

From what I understand, the pace will only pick up even more in the coming weeks as we prepare for the visit from the leadership team and present our updates and achievements to them mid December.

As I reflect on what this new phase mean, and even though it will get tougher and there will be bad days too, I hope to remember to keep thanking Him for His favour.

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