Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3rd day report card

Thank you all so much for your wishes and notes :) Am happy to share that I've started my new job just last Thursday (if you haven't already translated my blog post that day :D)

I have lots to talk about, but soooo tired! Today is only my 3rd day, and yes I'm very exhausted by this sudden change in schedule and routine. Not proud to say I'm back in the rat race, simply because I never liked working. Some people may say they want to go back to work when they're studying, but not me. If I could I'd wanna be studying forever, so much so that my brother said I should be a professional student!

Anyways. 1st day was krazy. Was scheduled to have some form of orientation/induction at the company, but no one was there to greet me at the office because the admin staff who was supposed to help me get settled in, totally forgot that she had a medical appointment. A bit hard to explain where the rest of the staff were, but let's just say it's partly due to the complex matrix that MNC's are quite famous for, and the rather sudden manner I was brought into the company.

Since the office was quite empty and there was nothing I could do being there, I was told to go directly to the client's office. I went there with an extra "burden", the company laptop. In a sling bag. (I specifically mention this because this will be a separate post)

So I went to the site, meeting had just started and some bosses were there already. One of the big guys flew in from India to give us an update on the status of the project. Suffice to say, all the jargons, processes, diagrams and flowcharts made almost no sense to me because they were in SAP and energy, 2 fields which I have no direct prior experience in LOL! And the meetings went on from morning till evening.

And yes, all these on my first day. The project head, who is my line manager had a 90-day plan, broken down into 30-day chunks which was very good in managing the workload. Each of us had different pieces of the puzzle to finish up, and if we are on schedule, would be able to complete the big big gigantic puzzle by the end of the 90-day period.

But, I must say that even though I was kinda nervous in the beginning, especially when I didn't even have proper access to my company's system and emails (it's like going to a lecture hall without lecture notes! Yes I'm that kind of student :)) I found it all very exciting because I love tackling new challenges (am also kinda sadistic :p). This would be my first time working in an MNC, serving an MNC client, and having to collaborate with stakeholders and colleagues from all over the world.

To be honest, I am still trying to figure out what exactly I'm supposed to be doing and have tonnes to read and catch up on if I am to deliver my portion. It looked really daunting the first day, but as I eased into the team and the company, gradually find myself understanding bit by bit what those jargons and processes mean.

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