Monday, November 30, 2009>.<

I usually don't tell people I'm being sarcastic because I like to think that you guys are smart enough to know.

Anyways. I really do like my job even though I may sound otherwise. What turned today from "I like my job despite the stresses and hours" to "I tell myself I like my job so that I can maintain my sanity" was the Komuter trains.

My direct supervisor had already given the green light to go back earlier so that I could take the conference call at home. the 2000 call was inevitable because the other parties were from Chicago (0600) and UK (1200). I thought to myself I could still reach home and quickly grab dinner if I took the 1821 train back.

The train came late (not surprising, but still, no harm hoping) and since it was late for almost half an hour, there were already too many people waiting. All these people started pushing and shoving when the train came. Some were left behind.

Since I didn't get on board that train, and having no hope (stopped hoping by then) that the next train would even come on time, I decided to walk back to the office to stay back and take the call.

I decided to finish up some work in the meantime. By then, everyone had already gone back, leaving me to have the whole office to myself. Wowee.

The call which was supposed to last half an hour extended to almost an hour, but that was not a problem. I was already alone when it started, so it made no difference. So I decided I might as well follow up from the call, finish a bit more work so that by the time I left, I would be eligible for the dinner and cab claim. :D

I don't get richer or feel better like that, but was too lazy to think about what to eat later at home and since the Komuter had already disappointed me, taking a cab would be a nice change. Besides that was my first time taking a cab alone.

Thank God I got back to the station (where I parked my car) safely. I prayed that I would get a good driver. He turned out to be quite talkative, even gave me some tips and asked me to share them with my friends!

1. To insist on receipt, not merely for claims but more on safety
2. To take note of the cab's registration plate, and to make sure it matches the ones in front, at the back, and inside of the cab
3. To notify friend/kin of the number plate

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