Monday, August 02, 2010

no sweeter name

No sweeter name than the Name of Jesus,
No sweeter name have I ever known
No sweeter name than the name of Jesus.

You are the Life to my heart and my soul
You are the Light to the darkness around me
You are the Hope to the hopeless and broken
You are the only Truth and the Way


ee said...

I like this video. Sometimes "worship leaders" are overly glorified. it is as if too much importance is put on how well they sing and perform. but this video, it makes me feel like they are all worshipping together. even if the main singer holds the mike, it feels like everyone around her stands shoulder to shoulder to sing together unto the Lord! what an encouragement to see them worship God!

§nóflèk said...

i personally like the songs from Christ For The Nations ( as the lyrics are meaningful and speak to the heart. there's another one which is simple yet so powerful - the more i seek you, also by kari jobe.
understand what you mean by those "glorified" workship leaders, it looks more like a performance for the audience and takes away the limelight from the One who truly deserves the attention.