Friday, December 03, 2010

flits from flower

Looks like Butterfly's gonna be in a crossroad soon. She was expecting to have a fairly laidback December considering the R drive for the year was just about to be wrapped up.

If the Client had their way, Butterfly would be extended till June next year. This would make it the third time her stay would be renewed.

Each time her role would change, and so was the piece of work she would be working on. All have been fairly new to her and Butterfly relished the opportunity to learn along the way, sometimes trying to confidently look like she knew what she was doing!

So when the Client asked Butterfly to come up with a proposal for next year's R programme which included a different and extended strategy, she was initially quite reluctant to want to be part of it. She didn't even try to pretend she was interested, as at this stage, she was quite happy to be honest with the client.

You see, R has never really been her passion nor her forte, yet Butterfly seemed to have done considerably well to earn an extension as a result of the current project.

There goes her year-end plans to have a relaxing month, Butterfly thought as she stayed back last week and worked the weekend to come up with the strategy, timeline, resources and budget for the plan.

As she wondered how this would look in her CV and how her career path would meander out, Butterfly asked herself if this was what she really wanted to do. After all, there were many opportunities out there with other clients and her Mentor did suggest for her to come out and explore.

On the other hand, the Supervisor pointed out that it was quite rare for someone her level to be liaising directly with the regional CTO from the Client side, whatmore the country CTO whom she enjoys good rapport with. He trusted her enough to share confidential information only known by the top management.

Butterfly began to weigh the pro's and con's of each potential path, not quite sure if one would be better than the other.

As she talked it out with Carrotlips, her friend guided her with leading questions, one leading to another, one with even more questions than answers. But it was good to just verbalise her thoughts, as Butterfly felt she was going in circles with the same points in her head.

At least, her mullings would be more structured and (supposed to) have a higher purpose. Instead of fluttering around like a free spirit, Carrotlips felt it was time for Butterfly to fly in a strategically-guided direction.

Less of aimless flits from flower to flower, more of bold trust in the Creater that His control of the direction might just be the thing that she needed to soar high.

*Any resemblance to real-life characters is purely coincidental. Excerpts from this story may be reproduced by acknowledging the writer.

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