Monday, May 02, 2011

on days like these

on days like these, i thank God for the rain
cool evenings
a whisper with the wind

on days like these, i wish i knew what to do
muddled thoughts
questions hanging in the air

on days like these, i feel your pain
intense agony
wonder if this is true

on days like these, i grasp for stars
sparkling above
will they bring hope

on days like these, i want to curl up in bed
sleep away
and wake up to a brand new day

on days like these, i thank God for His love
gracious mercy
without which i wouldn't be alive


Joel said...

This is a beautiful poem Sarah. I definitely think you should write some more whenever you get the urge or inspiration to do so. :-D

§nóflèk said...

thanks joel! :) i don't always come up with poetic phrases but i thought these would be a good way to express my thoughts without being too explicit.

Joel said...

I think you're exactly right. Poems can be a great way to express yourself without saying too much. I've been using when I get the poetic urge. It's great to see this side of you Sarah. Hope to see more in the future :-)