Tuesday, October 23, 2012

japan indeed

Even though I've lived in Japan before, there are still many things that continue to amuse me, be it by their design or culture or just plain quirks.

I have been looking for curtains for some time. What I like is they have this special coating that blocks out sun and bright lights, and minimise sounds from outside. It's a little expensive, but it's so effective that when I was living in the temp apartment, I had problems waking up!

Here is an interesting curtain design for those who are young at heart. This was a design done by a Japanese designer collaborating with Disney. This would have matched my room theme, if not for the price!

Continuing on my food hunt, I decided to try this special edition of Häagen-Dazs. The tropical cream cheese was probably a summer flavour as I now see a few other new ones on supermarket shelves. Really creamy with the right tinge of tangy flavour and soft creamy goodness.

Just blogging about me makes me want to eat some ice-cream right now. Yes, even though it's getting a little late and chilly right now.

After waiting for almost 3 weeks, I finally had internet installed at home. The box with the modem and wireless router arrived first, then the internet guy himself at the appointed day and time. I thought this was quite interesting, as in Malaysia, when we setup Unifi at home, a team of tech guys came with lots of boxes in a van.

What was most fascinating was the fact that he brought his own bedroom slippers (so that he wouldn't dirty the floor even in his socks!), and a little carpet (to protect my floor, and probably the equipment) when setting up the internet. He did everything on the carpet, and once done, carefully transferred equipment and cables to where I wanted it to be. How professional! The Unifi team at home left behind a trail of dust and lots of boxes for us to clean up after.

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