Sunday, October 07, 2012

more new toys

After my first week here, I got 2 new toys. The first was a foldable bike from the IT head, a Japanese guy who is quite open-minded compared to the typical Japanese boss. You won't believe this, but because we're such a traditional Japanese company we don't use calendar invites for meetings and he was the first to introduce it within the IT department.

So, anyways, I think I must've said something like planning to get a bicycle once I settle into my own place. It was a no-brainer since I always had some mode of transportation to get around even in Niigata and Tokyo. It was just a standard answer I gave when colleagues asked how I was settling in, and since I've already lived in Japan before I had a rough idea what to get.

I was quite surprised at first, and thought maybe he's joking. But he said it was a gift that he received, and no one in his family was using it, so he thought it would be better that I have it. I even insisted to pay for it.

This, I thought may be forgotten since we were at my welcome party, and everyone had been drinking. However, my colleagues remembered, and actually reminded him about the bicycle when they found that I had moved. I almost had to shush them because I didn't want the IT head to think I was being demanding.

So one Sunday morning on his way to get golf clubs, he dropped by with the bike. I was really happy! I've only taken it for a ride one Summer Saturday but decided I'll try again in the Autumn when it's cooler. I can't wait to go further with this toy.

I've been visiting this church near my home for some weeks now. Usually I go sit in a corner, enjoy the worship, listen to the sermon, say a little hi/bye after the service and go home. I was in a "visitor" mode, so I didn't really think much about making friends.

For some strange reason, I didn't want it to be sad if I didn't end up in the church. And it's really easy to do that when I blend in and look like one of them. They would usually notice visitors who are "different"- white, black.

However, one Sunday I kinda walked into the "wrong" pew, one which was reserved for late-comers at the back. The usher, must've sensed I didn't know how to read the sign on the cushion, and introduced herself. A middle-aged divorcee, she has been faithfully serving in the church for some time, as I later found out.

After the service ended, I looked for her to introduce myself. Actually I've seen her every week that I visited Kobe Bible Fellowship (KBF), and she seemed like a really nice lady, usually in the background. As we talked, and she found out I had just moved, she asked if I'd like anything for the apartment.

I was really surprised as it was my first time meeting her, and she was already offering some utensils left behind by previous foreign church members. So she brought me downstairs to the store and showed me boxes of plates, glasses and cutleries.

Also, I offered to buy, even though they were pre-loved, but she insisted I take them. I decided since I had only 1 mug, maybe a few more glasses would be good in case of guests. The week after, she brought a used rice cooker for me. This was on loan, but it's just perfect for me! I didn't have to spend on getting one myself, and definitely didn't have to think of disposing it.

I can't help but marvel at how God has provided for my needs, little by little, just by the kindness of people around me. I didn't ask for any of these, but I've certainly gotten more than I imagined!

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