Saturday, October 27, 2012

kamakura pasta

I've been walking through the underground shopping street whenever I feel like hiding from the cold (or heat in summer). There's this restaurant called Kamakura Pasta which serves somewhat fusion Japanese food.

Even though I have to guess half of what the menu says, my adventurous side have helped tamper any surprises. So far I'm still alive! Also, they serve really creative appetizers, pizza and pasta being their specialty. Kamakura-style apparently.

Like this starters, which I remember understanding the words for cream cheese and ham. I had imagined something else in mind so was a little surprised to get this. I thought I had ordered wrongly, or maybe the waitress mistook my order for something else on the menu. I need to brush up on my Japanese.

But actually, the cream cheese is right there, mixed with peas wrapped by the thin slice of ham, laid on a bed of crushed walnut and served with salad.

They also have this thin crust pizza which has an oblong shape and about the size of a long envelope. It has such a cute little shape that they serve it with a pair of scissors so you can cut it into suitable sizes.

I've tried various toppings such as cheese, mushroom and eggplants. But I definitely have not tried fresh salad topping before! Yes, I feel very healthy being here.

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