Monday, January 21, 2013

2012 kitkats

Some of the recent KitKat that were sold during summer and autumn.

The above may seem quite normal since green tea is such a popular ingredient in a lot of Japanese sweets and desserts. This is coated in macha powder, so it may taste slightly bitter for some. Hence, it's in the オトナの甘さ collection. Translated directly it means adult sweetness.

The bottom is the Halloween edition featuring pumpkin flavoured confectionary and coated with dark chocolate. Didn't get to taste this myself coz I gave them all away :p

This wasn't in any special wrapping but looking at the packaging, it seems like some sport-related KitKat.

First saw this during my first few weeks here. It's the vanilla ice flavoured KitKat! Best eaten when frozen apparently. Coated with vanilla flavoured chocolate, this can get quite sweet, but otherwise it's like a normal KitKat.

This is also from the オトナの甘さ collection. The packaging says it's white chocolate flavoured, and features the famous Hokkaido milk. If you notice closely, the inner chocolate has dark chocolate stripes in between. Seems like オトナの甘さ means the KitKat does not taste as sweet as ordinary KitKats!


classyadele said...

Lol you've always had this fascination with Kit Kat don't you? Lol

What's the difference btwn macha n Green tea? Not same meh?

§nóflèk said...

classyadele : to be honest, i don't have a sweet tooth! but i love trying out new stuff. since japan is the only country that has sooooo many flavours of kitkat, i became fascinated with it!

green tea is a generic name, just like black tea. there are surprisingly lots in china, but somehow more famously related to japan. matcha is a type of fine ground green tea. it's expensive and used primarily in the japanese tea ceremony.