Wednesday, January 09, 2013

why i love korean airlines

This time when I went back Malaysia for Christmas and New Year's, I decided on KE. Would have wanted to go with MH, but it was just too expensive considering the peak period.

The alternatives were transit flights with Korean Airlines or Cathay Pacific. Somehow for the latter, the timing and transit hours weren't as nice as the former. Plus I had a pretty good experience with KE so far. So no-brainer there.

The other plus point with transiting at the Incheon Airport is you get to stop by their Cultural Experience Zone at the West Wing. The first time I found out about this was when I was travelling with Imm for our Euro backpack trip. We had quite a bit of fun creating Korean decorative items and learning about their traditional crafts.

I managed to make a leather keychain on my trip to the US Sep last year, and was pleasantly surprised to find a different set of craft for Dec.

It was a accessory container in the shape of a Korean shirt. The kit comes with pre-cut coloured Mulberry paper. Just have to use the brush given and glue provided to stick the pieces at the right places. This took some time as even after the individual pieces are glued, we're supposed to brush through the whole item with glue once again. The staff would usually check for transit duration to ensure we are "eligible" to participate.

While I was busy making my craft, one of the staff dropped by to see if I was doing alright. He asked if I had been there before. I grinned and said I had just been there a few months before. No wonder, he said, I looked familiar!

Hmm, do I really look that familiar? Or is that why they didn't come over to help me as much as the other group? Or perhaps I look like I know I can do it on my own and don't need much guidance! Perhaps, I go there often enough the staff has begun to notice me :D

Anyways, I was glad to have a little souvenir to bring back. Would have loved to have it in my humble abode, but my brother took a liking to it so decided to let him have it instead.

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