Friday, January 25, 2013

onitsuka tiger

This might be a little embarrassing to admit, but I wasn't aware that Onitsuka Tiger was such a big brand until I came here!

The nearest store in Kobe is near the posh Daimaru shopping area in Sannomiya. I had first visited in the summer to check out the collection. Almost got myself a traffic-light-stopper yellow Sakurada which would have worked well in this funkadelic country, but would be hard to match with most clothes! Unless I work in the creative line.

My 2nd time was to look for some warmer shoes since I had only brought with me summer shoes. They have pretty comfy ones which could be worn to the office. The price was still too high for me, but since there was a family sales coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to try some out so that I knew what I could buy later.

But actually, I went back there also coz I really love their service! I think the last time someone helped me wear my shoes was when I was a kid. These sales assistant patiently untie each shoe, help you wear them and then carefully tie the shoelaces back and make sure the shoes are snug and comfortable.

I would have gone on trying more shoes but felt bad I couldn't afford any. Well, I guess I'll just have a look again in another season just to see what are the new collections like. After all, this is part of work :)

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licheng said...

My favourite sneakers brand ;)