Thursday, July 24, 2014

traipsing in taiwan p1

There's really so much happening recently with airspaces and flying that I really must thank God for His protection and providence.

Since I could only book my flight quite close to the date, Peach Airlines didn't turn out to be so cheap after adding the necessaries. I was a little hesitant on going with a full-fledged airline, because I've been so used to traveling on shoestring. The blessing in disguise was China Airlines is under the SkyTeam.

This time I was given a pass to the Korean Air lounge, which made me realise each time I get to experience various lounges in the KIX airport. Tucked at the far end on the 3rd Floor, the ambience is a little closer to the first lounge I tried, nothing fancy but quite comfy. There were Korean instant noodles, but I didn't want to spoil my appetite for dinner later.

The day before I flew to Taipei, I was really saddened to hear about MH17. I've been on that similar route many times for business, so I can really sympathise. Not just because it's such a tragedy, but also the fact that Malaysia Airlines is still struggling with MH370 on top of other management/financial woes.

The day before I left Taipei, I heard about the incoming Typhoon Matmo. As I was packing that morning, I could see it was drizzling and windy outside. When I arrived at the airport, I noticed flights that evening were mostly cancelled. (It was only tonight that I realise that a Taiwanese plane crashed due to turbulence probably caused by the typhoon).

As I was checking in, the lady at the counter issued me a pass for the China Airlines lounge. I'm convinced the nicest lounge exist in the home country of the particular airline. With dim lighting and hushed tones, it felt a bit elegant. Couldn't help but notice many Asian businessman-type clients enjoying the lounge, catching up with email and winding down after a business trip. I was hoping there would be some massage chairs like in the Incheon airport transit lounge.

I just had to order the famed Taiwanese beef noodle. I've already had my first portion with Aishah, but I wanted to make sure I ate enough not to eat anymore! There's nothing wrong with beef noodles, just that it's not my favourite. I must say I love the soup though :D

To top it off, I also got myself some dumplings and pao. There's no proper dimsum place in Japan, and my next fix would only be back in Malaysia.

I guess I'm rather happy I got to stuff myself a bit this trip. But a bit disappointed I did not gain (visible) weight!

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