Sunday, July 13, 2014

that bread in broth thingy

I wouldn't have known what this was, or even thought of trying if I hadn't gotten it from Waka-san. I had kept this in my larder for some time, thinking I'll give myself a treat or when I really really need some midnight snacks.

宝の麩 (たからのふ) - Literally translates to treasure of breadlike food made of wheat - which I'm guessing is the brand/product name!
ひとひら - means petals - which is the shape of this breadlike food
ふやき御汁 (しる) - Should take it to mean to be soaked and become soup, broth

Since it was kinda late at night and I was hungry (meaning impatient to try to understand every single kanji on the packaging), I glanced through the instructions, roughly understanding what needed to be done. I mean how difficult can instant food be?

So I opened the little sachet, poured out the powdered broth and put this petal-like bread into a mug, and filled it with hot water. I waited for a little while to see what would happen. Then I went back to the instructions, and realised I had to make a hole on the bread!

I think I was supposed to do this before pouring the hot water. Nevermind, so I poked it with a fork instead. Slowly, some bits of green came out, and the bread petal became softer as the holes enlarged.

As the bread started to lose its shape, I realised there were some other things inside! Little pink petals started to appear as I tried to open the hole a little bit more. So this is what the "treasure" meant!

I was really delighted with this surprise petal bread in broth thingy. The Japanese are so creative in making pretty little treasures. Later I found out that there are more of such broth under the same brand Takaranofu. But now I'm wondering why my broth does not look like theirs?!

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