Sunday, September 21, 2014

germany is finally up!

Our Germany site finally went live this week. I was getting sceptical it would launch before autumn due to the challenges we've been facing. So when the team finally made the decision to go ahead despite the minor issues remaining, I almost couldn't believe it.

On the other hand, I've been hoping we would complete this project soon. It's been the biggest and longest ever this year. So a month ago, I started plotting for a break. Since coming to Kobe, I have not been able to visit Prof Komiya.

When he emailed his former students about the latest update from his kampung in Iwate prefecture, I dropped him a note to tell him I was keen to help him harvest his produce. Getting this reply made me reminisce about my uni days :

Dear Salah:

No problem! Whenever you have confirmed your schedule would you please let me know.
Just relax and enjoy onsen every day, reading books and having a nap etc. etc..
You can stay our guest house one week, two weeks to recover!!

All of us are looking forward to seeing you soon.


Ryoichi Komiya

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