Sunday, September 07, 2014

more good

There's been some changes at work recently. If you have read some of my posts, you might be inclined to think that the recent change would be for the worse. If you knew me personally, you'd understand why I was not looking forward to it.

However, I choose to believe that God is still in control, and I prayed that no matter what happens, something good would still come out of it.

It has been one week, and it has been pretty good so far. More good than not-so-good, to be honest.

To start off the week reflecting on the good, I'm thankful we finally changed our corporate Blackberry's to iPhones! Now I get a proper phone which can do a whole lot more than remind me about work alone. For example, I can indulge in better coloured photography :

oriental art

cutout butterfly

onitsuka tiger ladies


licheng said...

Cool pair of Onitsuka's!

§nóflèk said...

lol, glad you like 'em! I haven't even worn them by the way... maybe for casual fridays! let me know if you want a pair :)