Monday, December 15, 2014

don't think it's because of the rust

Last month, the unexpected happen. I knew it wasn't over yet, even though her husband seemed oddly amicable given the circumstances. It was as if a switch within her got triggered and she suddenly remembered the past and started spewing hurtful words.

I really wanted to run away and cry but I had to do the adult thing and put on a brave face as there were still people around. Yumiko who was welcoming visitors tried to distract me by introducing me to them. I tried to act interested but I could only be friendly for awhile.

Later as she was speaking with Naoki, she found out that I had not been introduced. I had known him for some time to be a good worship leader, so I was genuinely interested to speak with him. That conversation led to me trying out for music practice few weeks later and we had a good time going through some songs.

I was not comfortable enough to play for the regular service because of what had happened, so I had to tell him I was going to pray about it a little more.

Last Sunday, Ka'chan asked me if I could stay back a little. They were looking for pianists for the Sunday Chinese morning service, which I had never attended before. I thought why not, maybe a good opportunity to get my fingers busy again, and to brush up my rusty mother tongue. One step at a time, I wonder where this will lead to.

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oh no...what happened?