Monday, December 22, 2014


I was introduced to Shozo and Masami Uno last Christmas when I went back. They were a delightful Japanese couple residing in Malaysia due to the husband's work. They were so happy at being invited to our Christmas celebration that they extended invitation for me to join their family dinner that night itself.

I felt bad for not being able to attend that dinner, and for not being able to attend her Japanese dance performance the next day. I had just arrived Malaysia the day before, so was still feeling a bit tired. What a lousy excuse.

So I was really happy that they decided to visit me during the CNY hols. I had the privilege of bringing them around Kobe, and showing them my favourite places. This was the dessert we had together at a la campagne.

We did try to meet up again when they visited Japan during the summer, though our schedules didn't work out in the end. In our last communication, I told her I would definitely meet up with them when I go back home during winter break.

So I was really shocked to get this SMS few hours ago :

I had to read it a few times to make sure I understood it. In the end, I managed to get Yumiko to help me write out a proper condolence message to her, since I was not sure how such messages should be done.

I hope I get to see her when I go back...


Silverspoon said...

OMG!! It's really a shock to read this! Here my condolence to her,too! So really...nobody knows...when we leave to the everlasting world.


§nóflèk said...

Thanks dear Hyon :) Thankful that you kept her in prayers, she's now back in Singapore, and seem a bit better than the last time I met her... have been trying to encourage her on the need to keep living...