Saturday, December 13, 2014

should i look forward?

The previous week, each of us were called to have a meeting with the boss. No agenda was stated, so everyone (except for his "secretary") started wondering what it meant, and some even started speculating.

My slot was scheduled in the middle of lunch, so I decided I might as well grab a quick bite so that if anything happened, I would have enough blood sugar to deal with it.

As suspected, it was an internal reorganisation. I had questions but I didn't voice all of them out. Like how at first glance it seemed a little unfair and didn't quite make sense. I felt a bit comforted later that my colleague said he was surprised I was not promoted.

Come 2015, I would be reporting to a different manager, a Japanese. I would be in a completely new team, almost all who are Japanese. I have been assured by my boss that my current assignment would remain the same, and my way of working would not change, except that I have a new reporting line.

Oh well, if this is all in His plans, I gotta trust that He is still in control, and that He has His reasons. Trying to look at it positively, though still can't shake off the thought that it still doesn't quite make sense.

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Anonymous said...

i think you deserve the promotion too..lala