Tuesday, February 03, 2015

whom should i meet p2

During the unexpected Christmas dinner, Alex asked if we should catch up properly. I thought why not, he had been my sorta-mentor during some down times in Niigata and Tokyo, and he was one of the few respected family in Christ whom I trusted.

Would be great to kill 2 birds with stone, since the next day was Sunday, and I'd need to attend church anyways. Plus ACTS was a church where a lot of my uni friends were still attending. I was hoping I could catch up with a bunch of other people there too.

Surprisingly, he had introduced 2 more friends, Pam the Singaporean and her neighbour-friend Bernard from the US. I hardly expect to make new friends when I'm back to be honest. My days are usually packed with appointments with old and current friends!

So was nice we even went out for lunch after service. It's funny how I have not tried Thai Thai, quite a superb restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. Of course, how can I not order the real coconut juice. And stuff myself with South East Asian food.

Later found out that Bernard used to study and live in Kansai for about 7 years and speak fluent Japanese. And we have mutual friends here in Kobe, what a small world.

The pastor's message that morning was quite relevant, being the last Sunday of the year. He talked about things having an expiry date, even bad days and tough circumstances. How insightful, as I looked back at the challenging year that was 2014. Even more so when that day itself we got news that the AirAsia plane QZ8501 had disappeared.

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