Sunday, July 26, 2015

crossing the red bridge

Love these sisters. Who would've thought I'd spend so much time with them this summer. It had meant to be a little getaway from the usual church I attend, hoping to also brush up my Japanese and have a deeper knowledge of the Word.

They said they were going to walk back to the mainland. We had just finished some dance, song and music practice; the weather was still very pleasant. I was in great mood having come back from a week in Malaysia and a wedding weekend in Jakarta.

Even though I work on the island, I've never actually walked along the bridge like this before. I know some colleagues travel to work like this for health purposes.

We were accompanied by soothing breezes and a beautiful sunset despite the balmy weather. I couldn't help but thank God for more sisters who journey with me even as I enter into my 3rd year in Kobe. Especially those who love Him and desire to be more like Him.

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