Tuesday, July 28, 2015

of scarlet nails

It was meant to be some fellowship time after the home church service. There was Fumin's keyboard in the living room, and I was itching to move my fingers across the keys. Some people were singing, some were just playing instruments. When Fumin was around she would bring out her flute.

Then someone suggested the hoola dance that was performed at the Homecoming Gathering. I had just been observing mostly when they were coming up with ideas, because I really thought we were just hanging out doing stuff.

A week before I returned to Malaysia, it dawned on me that these were all for one of the CPM services. We had to practice our pieces, harmonise our voices, and know our steps.

What made it so fun was that (thanks or no thanks to my Japanese skills), I didn't know we were going to "perform", and so I was just enjoying the time of coming together, and serving Him with our talents.

And everything else just came together on its own; like how we should sequence the songs, who should play which instrument, and what formation would be best for the dance. Then the hoola skirts came, then the matching nails were done, and before you knew it, we had an ensemble who were eager to worship while having fun at the same time.

I still have my scarlet nails, and trying not to be embarrassed when people look, because it's such a showy colour!

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