Saturday, August 20, 2011

a little hope today

I have yet to hear from American Airlines (AA) about my compensation. Due to long hectic hours spent at work, I had less time and energy to chase after an incompetent airline which caused me stress and anguish while I was in the US.

Living almost like a refugee is no fun. Not when I had to attend a company training on a location out of the city with no direct and easy access to a shopping mall.

You can imagine the frustration I had to go through upon landing and not having my luggage with me. What was to be a trip to explore a new continent turned to me wanting to take the next available flight back home.

Not only did I not have my luggage for almost the whole duration I was there, but due to situation at work I had to stay up late to catch up. I thought to myself, maybe it was a sign that I should not have made the trip in the first place.

Still, I reminded myself that it was still an opportunity that many would consider a luxury, especially in this times of economic turmoil. Finally, for the first time I was flying on company expense, nevermind that I was cramped up for no less than 24 hours of cramped economy seats with 2 transits.

I counted my blessings too for being able to make US my 2nd new country this year, and for having a cousin that I could turn to for temp clothes and shoes, nevermind that she was vegetarian and I lost all the weight I had gained while feasting on bacon and glorious American food during my training days.

Being in US gave me a peek into the once-mighty country of US, which the world looks up to to solve their problems. It was a good break, albeit not as how I would have imagined.

My cousin and her Indian husband encouraged me to try to find work in US, sharing their experiences about better work life balance and opportunities in the IT sector. As I listened to their stories and thought about the krazy hours I was working, it did sound very tempting.

But the lost luggage had marred my experience. I told everyone I'd be too traumatised to fly to US again, not counting the stricter immigration rules and inspections.

I was about to give up about hearing back from AA. That was until I received news from my company that our travel insurance (and not AA!) would be able to cover some of the loss.

A few weeks ago they emailed to say that delayed luggage more than 4 days is considered as loss luggage. Therefore I would be entitled to the maximum compensation of RM750. I received this email while I was drowning in work, and being a bit jaded by then, did not even feel a tinge of happiness.

So when I checked my account this morning and saw the cheque cleared for that amount, I could only manage a smile.

Yes, even though it's a little something to be thankful for, it's better than nothing. That, and maybe I'm just too tired to feel anything anymore.


j-a said...
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j-a said...

The least of things are often the most unexpected. I share your joy. =)

Anonymous said...

mari Australia :)

Silverspoon said...

It was a fresh breakthrough for the next step?? ;p

ping said...

good you get some compensation back :) don't let this bad experience deter you from another new trip!

LY Leong said...

That is not bad at all. Now let's pray for the AA compensation. ;P

§nóflèk said...

j-a : hence, they bring some of the most delight at times :)

anon : thanks for the invite, but what am i going to do there?

Silverspoon : i really hope so dear, holding on as much as i can for more hope!

ping : well, maybe not this year, but let's see, i still want to write more stories of pleasant tales & new adventures.

LY Leong : thanks for praying along! :)