Friday, March 04, 2016

respite from whirlpool

The past few weeks have been quite a mix bag of emotions. The whole team whom I'm seated and working with, have left for Tokyo one by one.

It was quite a relief on one hand because I would get a little break from the continuous high-stress level and how it affected some team members. On the other hand, this was the team that ate and played together; being the pioneer member I felt a little sad I wouldn't be able to join them on more adventures.

I was glad though that Sute-chan was the last to leave. We managed to sneak in some krazy but fun things in the remaining days, and I tried my best to busy myself with helping out so that I wouldn't feel it. However, it really hit me on the last day. The sending off was especially difficult.

All the whirling activities came to a stop, and it felt so surreal being alone. It's like everyone resigned leaving me with the whole table to myself now.

Not sure if it's because of the farewell note from Sute-chan (to the division to "please take care of Sarah :)"), but some colleagues were nice enough to ask if I was okay. Tomomi asked if I'd like to move over to her table, Waka suggested we have a meal together, and Seb invited me to go up to their department to chill.

I just need to appreciate this new-found peace and quiet. Who knows I may be sucked into another whirpool and then I'd wish I took advantage of this momentary pause.

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